A New Lease on Champoeg

Team Fartlek’s #2 training ride of the season was Champoeg. Along with North Plains, this is another classic early season ride. It is pretty much flat and, admittedly, it can get a little boring at times. This year we changed it up a bit by adding an option to park at the boat ramp right by where I-5 goes over the Willamette. This adds another 13 miles to the loop and changes things up, which is nice. Team Fartlek also picked up a couple of new riders who seemed to enjoy themselves.

We entertained ourselves by competing in short sprints to various sign posts, etc., This meant some of us were more tired and sore at the end of the day than expected. Regardless, it was a glorious day and a good time was had by all.

How you doin’? Donna basking in the pre-ride glow

Ready, waiting, and wondering if anyone else is ever going to show

More happy Donna and a fellow named Jeff

Even more happy Donna

Morry explains the meaning of life to Joel while Dean speaks with agent

New guy, Dave, basking in the post-ride glow

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