Welcome to the new PDX Cycling blog. The purpose of this blog is to share details of some of the best training rides in the Portland metro area with fellow riders. My friends and I (a.k.a. Team Fartlek) use many of these rides as a way to prepare for Cycle Oregon. Several of these rides are based on those found in the print version of “Rubber to the Road” volumes one and two. Rubber to the road was initiated as a benefit for the Bicycle Transportation Alliance and the Community Cycling Center. It is sponsored by River City Bicycles. For those who might not be familiar, River City is one of the finest bike shops in Portland (which means it is one of the finest on Earth). As such, you are encouraged to support some or all of these organizations if you rely heavily on this site.

I will also post information I’ve gathered on basic maintenance and technique as well as anything else that I think might be of interest to the Portland cycling community or bicycle enthusiasts in general.

I hope you enjoy the blog.

BTW, were the world free of assholes and people took responsibility for their own actions, disclaimers would not need to exist. Alas, this is not the case. Therefore, in the unlikely event that you are an asshole:

The sport of cycling can be dangerous. The writers/providers of this site make no assertion to the safety or suitablity of these routes for bicycling. Anyone following a route described on this Website does so entirely at their own risk..

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