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A story about a man and his love affair with folding bikes. A Bicycling Magazine must-read

A story about a man and his love affair with folding bikes. A Bicycling Magazine must-read

I really like Bicycling Magazine. No doubt, this is due to the fact that I like bicycling. In most issues, I find several articles that capture my interest or provide valuable information. Two articles from recent issues really stand out. The first is the one about folding bicycles. The truth is that I don’t give a rat’s ass about folding bicycles. I understand the value, but there is an asthetic issue I just can’t get past. Like motorcycles, I see bikes as functional works of art. Folding bikes — and DEFINATELY recumbants — are so hideous to behold I have a hard time accepting either. I realize this thinking is shallow and short-sighted. Such is life. Regardless, I really enjoyed the story about a (neurotic and somewhat disturbed) man and his love affair with folding bikes simply because it was so well-written.

Another article that I really enjoyed comes from the current issue. It is simply a list of 108 cycling rights of passages. The thing I liked about that piece is that I was able to identify with a surprisingly large number of them. This is not always the case with stuff I read in Bicycling, as much — but not all — of the content is written for the “elite cyclist.” Alas, that is something I’m not. I’m also not the kind of person that lives to exercise. My passion for cycling comes from the fact that I know I must exercise and cycling has proven to be the most palatable.

Regardless, I recommend Bicycling for ANYONE who is passionate about cycling, wherever they may be on the borad spectrum of riders. At a time when much of the publishing industry is taking a beating, this magazine appears to be in better shape than ever.

Bicycling deserves additional praise for all the content they put on the Website ( as well as their Facebook page and even on Twitter (though most of the content is redundant).

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