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How to Fix a Flat Bicycle Tire

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Not rocket science — even the dreaded rear tire change. I recommend NOT setting your bike upside down on the seat/shift levers — it buggers them up and isn’t necessary. You might need to pull the rear derailleur out of the way to get the rear wheel back on, but it is still pretty easy.


Pre-ride Bike Check

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

882checklist (Small)One of the advantages of riding with others is that, should a problem arise, you can count on your riding partners for assistance. Problems on the road are inevitable and expected. That said, a lot of hassles on the road can be avoided if every rider shows up prepared with equipment in good working order.


Before The Ride

Please check your bike and gear to ensure that you are properly prepared for
the days ride. The following is a quick bike checklist.

1. Check tires – Inflate tires to recommended pressure (printed on the
side of the tire) before each ride. Inspect tires for possible cuts and
items that may have become embedded.
2. Lube – Chain and derailleurs.
3. Quick Release Lever – Check to assure that it is tightened
4. Brakes – Pads should be aligned with the rims and not in contact with
the tire.
5. Shifting – Move through all of the gears to assure smooth shifting. If
they don’t shift smoothly, cable tension may need to be adjusted.

Carry On Your Bike

1. Tube and Patch Kit
2. Tire Irons
3. Pump or CO2 cartridge
4. Multi-tool
5. Water and Food
6. Identification and Money

Checklist courtesy of our friends at STRADA