Chehalem Mountain Loop

Clovers on the way to the beginning of the first climb

Clovers on the way to the beginning of the first climb

This is another great mid-season ride when you are looking to add in more climbing. The first big climb is Chehalem Mtn. itself. It is steady but not steep. The drop down the backside is nice, but don’t overshoot Bell Rd. The climb up Bell Rd. is also steady but not steep. There is a short climb on Leander Rd. that IS steep. It seems fitting that there is a cemetery right at the top. The good news is that, when you finish that bit, you are done climbing.

This particular route is a variation of what is found in Rubber to the Road. This version uses SW Chapman instead of Kruger Rd. to descend back down to 99. I prefer this because Chapman is like a straight roller coaster. The other difference is the return back to the start at Tualatin Community Park. The route in the book uses Tonquin Rd. This is fine, but adds a few miles to the ride through an area that isn’t particularly scenic. I prefer to just motor back on Tualatin/Sherwood Rd. It is busy, but there is a bike lane and you can just get ‘er done.


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