Clackamas River Ride

The ride starts at the end of the Oregon Trail. Alas, due to budget cuts, the covered waggons are uncovered.

Alas, due to budget cuts, the covered wagons are now uncovered

This is yet another sweet one. It starts in Oregon City where the giant uncovered covered wagons that signify the end of the Oregon Trail are located. A lot of these roads are the same as the beginnings of the Pygmy Goat Ride. These are actually the nicest bits of the Pygmy Goat Ride — the part that leaves off just before the epic sufferfest begins.

There is one short and very steep climb in the middle — you’ll know it when you get there. There is also a two-mile climb toward the end that is kind of a challenge. It seems like the top is always just around the next bend, but that isn’t how it works out (except, of course, for the final bend — then that’s exactly how it works out). Other than that, the ride is pretty sweet. The out-and-back portion is kind of random, but fun. It is a 1% grade for several miles. You can’t really tell you are climbing on the way out, but on the way back you can fly.


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