Cole’s After School Special — Tour de ‘Burbs

The proud author of the Tour de 'Burbs

The proud author of the Tour de 'Burbs

One of the nice things about the Portland suburbs is that they lie on the edge of rural bliss. This is Cole’s home training route. Depending on which loops and swoops you choose, he can make it a 20, 30 or 40 mile ride.

Many of the sections take advantage of trails through local parks and byways, so be mindful of pedestrians and such. Most of the busy roads have bike lanes and not all the roads are busy.

A few spots even seem rural, tickling the edges of wine country. Of course, all roads lead to Cole’s house on this one, but he has promised free parking and lemonade to allĀ  comers. If you live in the suburbs and don’t feel like hauling your bike somewhere for an after work ride, give Cole’s after school special a try.


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