Cycle Oregon Daily Route Maps & GPX Files Online

Putting these maps online -- particularly in GPX format -- is a majorly cool thing

Putting these maps online -- particularly in GPX format -- is a majorly cool thing

This is really cool. VLMK Consulting Engineers, the company that does the really bitchin’ maps of the Cycle Oregon daily routes, has put maps from 2005 to present on its Website. Even cooler is that, starting in 2009, they also have made GPX files available.

These files are made with a surveyor’s GPS, which is more accurate than a recreational GPS. Great news for anyone who wants to load up their GPS bike computers in advance of the ride. This is so awesome, I’m categorizing this post under Bike Porn.

For non-GPS users, it is still worth checking out the route maps here instead of the C.O. site. They are PDFs and are in much, much better resolution.

Note: These maps are subject to slight tweaks and I have gotten word that they have, in fact, been tweaked just a tad. No big thing, but if the signs on the road conflict with your GPS, I’d recommend following the signs and the herd. You have to be a pretty big imbecile to get lost on C.O. You’d be an even bigger imbecile if you get lost because you are geeking out with a GPS.

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5 Responses to “Cycle Oregon Daily Route Maps & GPX Files Online”

  1. Steve Schulzq says:

    Just a heads up. I just finished the FINAL maps; there are a few minor modifications to them, but for the most part the GPX files should be pretty much on. Just don’t come crying to CO if the actual maps you receive on the ride aren’t exactly what you downloaded….with all of our signage on the route if you get lost, well, you just clueless enough to deserve it….

  2. admin says:

    Getting lost isn’t really the issue — it is just cool data to have. BTW, we won’t come crying to CO if the food isn’t up to snuff either — but we’ll probably bend your ear about it.

  3. Dean says:

    Great maps. I am thinking about tracing the 2007 Bike Oregon route on a touring bike this coming August. The person I am planning to do this with rides a trike, and as you may know hills can be a bit harder for them. The 2007 ride through Sisters, on to Diamond Lake, Crater Lake and back would be beautiful.

    My question is how tough is are the climbs? Anyone ridden it that could offer a comparison. I ride out of Portland and am familar with rides like Tour de Blast, the Trout Lake ride and others.



  4. admin says:

    Glad you like the maps — I wish I could take credit for them.

    I didn’t do Cycle Oregon in 2007 but I’m pretty sure there’s a fair bit of challenging climbing to be done. It is hard to say whether or not someone on a tricycle could do it. I suppose it really depends on the rider. In 2008 a fellow did the whole route on a recumbent bike powered only by his arms. I would have thought that impossible, but I saw it with my own eyes. I’m now convinced that pretty much anything can be done depending on the rider.

    There are links to videos where this particular rider featured on the Cycle Oregon Facebook Fan Page

    You might want to go there or the forums on the Cycle Oregon Website to ask for specifics on the 2007 route.

  5. Dean says:

    Thanks, much appreciated. I will check out the facebook site.

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