Cyclepasion Calendar — Product Review

More about the women than the bike, the cyclepassion calendar is still very pleasing to the eye

I was very excited when my Cyclepassion Calendar arrived today. The photos are lovely and it is a little larger than I expected. The models are all beautiful women in skimpy outfits who also happen to be professional cyclists from Europe. Of course other than that and the occasional bicycle-related prop, it isn’t immediately obvious that the calendar has anything to do with cycling.

If you have a spouse who isn’t into the whole pin-up thing, she might argue that this is a little much. Also, as a calendar it is fairly minimalistic — basically a string of numbers at the bottom of the page corresponding to the number of days in the month is all you get. However, the weekend dates are printed in a larger font, so with a little effort,  you can figure out which days correspond with the dates. Since I use my computer for calendaring purposes, this is OK with me.

Finally, due to the weak dollar, this calendar is pretty pricey and the shipping cost is downright absurd. Fortunately, if you look carefully, you can find the calendar sold for a lot less on other international Websites.

Sooooo. If you like to look at scantily-clad cyclists, aren’t worried about the lack of cycling content, have an understanding spouse, a little extra cash and use an electronic calendar for marking appointments and such, you’re sure to love this calendar. I know I do.

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