Danny Macaskill is Very Good at Riding Bikes

Kind of ironic that it takes a lot of balls to do this kind of riding and that this kind of riding puts one’s balls at tremendous risk.


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One Response to “Danny Macaskill is Very Good at Riding Bikes”

  1. goat says:

    This rocks! This guy is awesome. He’s riding a 24″ bike. I’ve often thought (since riding with a buddy who had one in NYC) that the two-four has the most potential for urban mayhem of any type of bike. Of course an all out onslaught on the urban environment, by an army of twenty inch bike weilding boys, has made this a hard statement to back up.

    I also think his technique (which is obviously trials based) is in some ways cooler than the BMX guys due to the lack of pegs. Yeah, he can’t do spinning tricks or flatland freestyle stuff with out them, or rail grinds but a lot of those moves have become sort of boring cliches. Without the pegs he goes higher to get onto stuff and the end result is really elegant looking.

    It’s also a huge plus that it’s all found environment riding, not ramps and skateparks. Too cool! Thanks for posting.

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