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Good Deal for Subscription — 50% Off Gold Membership

Monday, December 28th, 2009

PDX Cycling Online uses for its maps. It is far from perfect, but it is pretty good (and improving). The next few scheduled posts are going to talk about MapMyRide as well as the awesome GPS Cycling Computer that is the Garmin Edge 705.

In the meantime, you can go right now and get the top level MapMyRide membership for 50% off — less than $50/year. Remember to use the GOLD50 code when you go to pay.

Best Christmas Music for Spinning or Indoor Cycling

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

I’m checking the stats for this blog and my friend Shannon’s blog and I’m seeing that a LOT of people who are doing Google searches for “best Christmas music for spinning” or “best Christmas music for indoor cycling” are finding our sites. My fear is that the majority of the folks doing these searches are spin instructors trying to find something seasonal for a class. So, since you asked …


For one solid month, we are assaulted with Christmas music in stores, restaurants, bars, coffee joints, on the radio, in elevators and in people’s homes. Do people REALLY need yet one more source? I can say with great certainty that they do not.

There are lots of reasons to dislike Christmas music. Consider the people in your class who work retail and have to listen to this shit for 8+ hours a day ON TOP OF all the nonsense they have to endure from idiot customers this time of year. Consider those who don’t celebrate Christmas. Consider those who simply dislike Christmas and everything it has come to represent. You have an opportunity to provide all these poor souls with the brief respite they may desperately need. For the love of humanity, give them that hour of peace!

Beyond that, let’s face the facts — most Christmas music just plain sucks. This goes double for the up-tempo tunes that would be the most likely candidates for spinning. Think about it. If there were a lot of really good ones, you probably wouldn’t need to be searching online for ideas. So please, do us all a favor and “Just Say No” to Christmas music in spinning class.

From all of us here at PDX Cycling Online — Happy Holidays!

Kalkhoff Store Opens Today in Portland

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Kalkhoff's retail store is now open in Portland and test rides of Kalkhoff's amazing electronic bicycles are now available

Kalkhoff's retail store is now open in Portland and test rides of Kalkhoff's amazing electric bicycles are now available

Kalkhoff is a German bicycle manufacturer that has been making bikes for the past 90 years or so.  Their specialty is city/commuting/touring bikes and they build some real beauties (what else would you expect from German engineers?). They also make some awesome electric bikes.

Electric bikes, or eBikes, use an electric motor to supplement the power the rider applies to the pedals. The more power the rider contributes, the more power the motor contributes.

The result? Riders who pedal as hard as they do on a traditional bike are rewarded with a very fast, very fluid ride. Those who choose to pedal with a little less fervor than they otherwise might are still able to maintain a respectable pace. And for all riders, hills become a lot more pleasant. Getting sweaty on your morning commute is now optional.

The whole line of Kalkhoff bikes come with everything a serious commuter needs including an awesome lighting system, a bomb-proof rack, great fenders and brakes that would stop a truck. They also use top-notch components all around. These bikes are serious transportation and seriously fun!

Kalkoff Retail Store — Test an eBike Today!

Today, Kalkhoff opened its retail store in Portland and there is a large array of new eBikes just begging to be test ridden. I got a chance to try one out very briefly a few weeks ago and I had a blast. Operating the Kalkhoff eBike is the same as any other standard bike — it just takes a lot less effort to get up to any given speed. It is something any fan of bicycles, alternative transportation or things that are just plain cool NEEDS to try. Once you do, it will take you a while to stop smiling. Just be careful — if you try one, chances are you’ll want one. I know I do. Once I get the chance to put a few more miles on a Kalkhoff eBike, I’ll post a more detailed report.

The store is located in the Pearl District at 528 NW 11th Avenue.

Disclosure: As of this week, Kalkhoff has become a client of KoiFish Communications, which is the PR and Web marketing firm I run.