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Announcing Dr. Rev. DJ DeeZee’s Sunday Morning Spin Sesh — North Portland’s Best Spin Class Ever

Sunday, April 27th, 2014

150318_1488587931515_2747352_nLooking for a new way to get your Sundays started off right? As of May 3, Dr. Rev. DJ DeeZee will be officiating a new jam called Sunday Morning Spin Sesh (SMSS) at the best gym in North Portland — Edge Performance Fitness. What is SMSS? It’s basically an indoor cycling event presided over by a guy who likes cycling and good music.

Enjoy a very wide variety of tunes ranging from classic rock to heavy metal to progressive rock to classical to gospel to angry rap to punk (including 80s hardcore) to bluegrass and more. Absent will all that Dr. Rev. DJ DeeZee finds aurally appalling, so don’t expect a lot of country or pop to be thrown into the mix.

Classes run from 0800 to 0900. Edge Performance is a no bullshit kind of place that doesn’t make you pay initiation fees or sign up for long-term contracts or any of the other things you hate about gyms. They even have a punch card/pay-as-you-go option, so ANYONE in the metro area can come check it out.

Many of the sessions will be designed to replicate road rides and may include headwinds, rollers epic climbs and sprints. They will also be created to follow the flow of the music, which will help the hour fly by.

TunesWhat’s SMSS good for? It’s fun, it’s a good workout and it’s a fine follow up to long outdoor rides one might do on a Saturday. It also can serve as an incredibly effective — though thoroughly unpleasant — hangover remedy or a legitimate excuse to exercise a little self control on Saturday night.

There’s very little else going on at that hour in North Portland, so why not come give it a shot?