John’s Hagg Lake Ride

hagg_lake_reflecting_cloudsThis isn’t just any Hagg Lake Ride — it is John’s Hagg Lake Ride. John is an excellent person, so you know any ride he recommends is going to be a good one. It starts in Forrest Grove then loops around Hagg Lake. After that, it winds its way through some lovely rollers to Yamhill. The route goes right past the front gate of Willakenzie Winery. I love Willakenzie. However, there’s no way in hell I’m riding up the hill that is their driveway to taste wines. That’s what cars are for.

There are a few good places for lunch in Yamhill. The pizza place is surprisingly good for a pizza place in the middle of nowhere. They will also let you park your bikes inside, which is very nice. The Mexican joint in town is also pretty good. There is also another passable cafe.

Don’t load up too much because there are still 20 miles of riding left. If the weather is good, this is a really nice ride. When it is really, really hot, it is torture (and, sometimes, it is really, really hot).

This is a very nice ride. A good one for mid-season when you are trying to add some distance while still going easy with the climbing.


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