A Lake Oswego Spinning Class With Good Music — It’s About *%$#@&ing time!

I know damn well the tunes will be great, 'cause I get to help pick them

"I know damn well the tunes will be great, 'cause I get to help pick them" -- DJ De-Z

Hell yes! My friend Shannon — of Shannon Corey Fitness — is finally bring back her own ass-kicking version of spinning classes back to Lake Oswego. These classes are 90 minutes long and include strength-training and core exercises.

The best part of Shannon’s class is that she is one of the few Portland-area spinning instructors who is not afraid to play great music. In fact, she has agreed to let me assist her in developing the play lists.

There will be an eclectic mixture of classic rock, hard rock, punk, techno, trance, angry gangsta rap and hip hop with a smattering of psychedelic jam music, lounge music, bluegrass, and gospel thrown into the mix just to keep it interesting.

There will not be any of the generic milquetoast bullshit that most spin instructors play at the big, corporate-run gyms. No pop, no 80’s hits, no George Michael. And there will absolutely, positively, under no circumstances be any Five for Fighting.

It is so good, that I probably won’t complain about the 5:30 am start time. For more detail, check out Shannon’s Website.

Classes start in October. They are limited to 10 people so sign up early. Maintain that fitness you’ve worked all summer to build! This just goes to show the persuasive power of PDX Cycling Online.

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