Lakeside Bicycles — Portland’s Got Nothin’ on L.O.

Everyone knows Portland is one of the best biking towns in the country. But not all the coolest bike shops in the metro area lie within city limits. Lakeside Bicycles is my other other favorite bike shop. Part of the reason I like it is because they carry so many cool, high-end bike brands. The shop is stacked to the rafters with sexy Cannondales, Pinarellos, De Rosas, Colnagos, and Bianchis and features the largest selection of flamed out Electra choppers and cruisers I’ve ever seen.

They’ve also got some great hand-painted Pegorettis in the mix that keep calling out to me. One, which belongs to one of the staff, is decked out in a Frank Zappa motif. That’s just not something you see every day. They’ve even got a Colnago “Forever” on display just like the one Ernesto Colagno presented to his wife on their 50th wedding anniversary (this one belongs to the owner’s wife. Look, but don’t touch).

Another part of the reason I like Lakeside is the customer service. The owner DEFINITELY went above and beyond the call of duty for me when he delivered my new spin bike to my house. The final reason I like the Lakeside it is that it just feels right when you step through the door. It looks — and even smells — like a good bike shop is supposed to. I think this is because it reminds me of the place where I got my very first 10 speed many years ago.

It is worth the trip to Lake Oswego just to check out the sweet selection of bikes. If you need a second excuse, Lakeside has group rides on Saturday and Sunday mornings starting at 9:00.

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2 Responses to “Lakeside Bicycles — Portland’s Got Nothin’ on L.O.”

  1. morry fealy says:

    Could not agree more!!! Great service, staff recommends rather than “sells”, and a outstanding service/repair team. A gem in the bike shop world.
    Weekend rides are top-notch.

  2. Ken Abbey says:

    The folks at Lakeside introduced me to cycling, taught me how to do it properly, and have been good friends and riding buddies for years now. It’s a great shop with excellent customer service and honest employees. It’s also just a nice place to visit and drool over beautiful bikes.

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