Logie Trail/Rocky Point Loop

When you get back to your car, you'll wish this place was still open

When you get back to your car, you'll wish this place was still open

This is a great ride to test your climbing prowess. The start is at the corner of Skyline and Germantown Road. Start by heading south on Skyline. Plunge down NW Thompson on your way out to North Plains. Enjoy the descent — it will be your last one for a long while. When you reach the corner of NW W Union and NW Glencoe Rd. take inventory of your water and food. If you are going to need to stop and replenish, turn left and go to the gas station before heading the other direction towards the hills.

The first real climb is Mason Hill Rd., followed by a nice stretch on Jackson Quarry Rd. Turn Left on Helvetia then Left again Logie Trail. Then climb some more. Once you reach Skyline, you can either turn left for a nice out-and-back to Rocky Point or just go right and head for your cars. You’ll go downhill a bit more, but, once you cross Cornelius Pass you get even more climbing.

Note: While Map My Ride seems to be pretty good, I’m only now just beginning to play with it. We have already discovered that the turn-by-turn directions aren’t always perfect. I recommend you take maps with you as a backup. You can print maps from Map My Ride for a small fee. You can also download the route onto a GPS device, which is very cool.

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