Team Fartlek

Team Fartlek is more of a state of mind than a real cycling team or organization. The riding schedule is designed to accommodate people training forĀ  Cycle Oregon. Rides get progressively longer and more challenging throughout the season. The group does contain a few newbies, but most of us are experienced riders who have done Cycle Oregon and other long rides before. Though we are experienced, we ride at a more relaxed pace than your typical rail-thin hammerhead.

If you are training for Cycle Oregon, live near Portland, are cool, self-sufficient, and have previous group riding experience, you are welcome to join us.

Every rider should know the following:

  • Our rides are not supported in any way. They are organized just enough so that they actually happen and everyone shows up at the same place at the same time.
  • All riders are 100% responsible for themselves.
  • All riders must carry their own food, water, air, tools and anything else they will need to complete the planned route.
  • Sometimes we ride as one big group, sometimes the group breaks apart.
  • Every rider is responsible for making sure their bike is in good mechanical condition and should be able to know how to do their own basic roadside maintenance.
  • Planned routes are mapped on Route descriptions and links to the maps are available on All riders are expected to bring their own directions, maps, or anything else they might need to ensure they are able to get back to the start or finish of the route should they become separated from the group. While we do have a pretty good idea of where we are going most of the time this is not always the case.

If you are planning on doing your first Cycle Oregon and are just getting started with Cycling, we recommend you contact STRADA. They have training programs designed to help people learn the ropes. If you are a young, lean hammerhead, you are probably going to get bored with this group very quickly.

Information on upcoming rides is sent to the group via email a few days in advance. To be added to the email list, contact Dean Rodgers.

Fun-loving, experienced and self-sufficient riders are what Team Fartlek is all about. Hammerheads, complete newbies and wet blankets are encouraged to look elsewhere

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