Rules of the Road

More helpful tips from our friends at STRADA

PelotonBicyclists may travel on any public road in the State of Oregon, except urban freeways or where non-motorized travel is otherwise prohibited. When riding your bicycle on the street, you are part of the traffic system with similar rights and responsibilities as motorists. Laws governing bicycle use can be found in the Oregon Vehicle Code. Bicyclists are required to obey all rules of the road insofar as they apply.

1. Obey all regulatory signs and traffic lights- Bicycles must be driven like other vehicles.
2. Never ride against traffic- Motorists are not looking for bicyclists riding on the wrong side of the road. Ride with traffic at all times.
3. Use hand signals- Hand signals tell motorists what you intend to do.
4. Follow land markings- Do not turn left from the right lane. Do not continue straight in a lane marked RIGHT TURN ONLY.
5. Do not pass on the right- Motorists do not expect a bicyclist to pass on the right, and they may not see you. Pass on the left side of vehicles.
6. Choose the best way to turn left- There are two ways to make a left turn: 1) as an auto: look back, signal, move into the left lane, and turn left. 2) As a pedestrian: ride straight to
the far-side crosswalk, then walk your bike across.
7. Watch for cars pulling out- Make eye contact with drivers. Assume they do not see you until you are sure they do.
8. Scan the road behind- Learn to look back over your shoulder without losing your balance or swerving left. Some riders use rear-view mirrors.
9. Avoid road hazards- Watch out for sewer grates, slippery manhole covers, oily pavement, gravel and ice. Cross railroad tracks at right angles.
10. Ride a well-equipped bike- Always use a strong headlight and taillight when visibility is poor.
11. Dress Appropriately- Wear a hard-shell helmet whenever you ride and wear light-colored clothes at night.

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