Team Fartlek Kicks Off 2010 Season

Our first official training ride of the year happened today and it was a great one. The team has grown substantially. New people and new bikes! We’ve now got a cool purple Specialized Roubaix and a bad-to-the-bone Pinarello in the peloton.

It would have been great to see the Pinarello alongside the group’s other ultra-fancy bike, but someone didn’t want to risk getting his new baby rained upon and potentially even soiled so he opted to stay home. DUDE, THIS IS OREGON — IT RAINS!

At any rate, we tackled the North Plains route with aplomb. For those who couldn’t make it (or chose not to), here’s what it looked like.


Looking good

Michele's new Jesus' baby mamma hat

Michele’s new hat featuring a great image of history’s most famous baby mama

Leanne willing to risk getting her brand new bike moistened by moisture

Twelve feet of biking babe

From a fitness perspective, this is probably the youngest rider on Team Fartlek

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3 Responses to “Team Fartlek Kicks Off 2010 Season”

  1. Teresa S Vincent says:

    Good job Dean for organizing what sounds like a fun ride. Also, yeah, hot biker Babe Leanne.
    We’re glad your new bike didn’t get moistened by the moisture. Good job job, we’re proud of you. From the sunny crowd in Yuma
    The 3 T’s.

  2. contessa says:

    Looking forward to more rides with the 6 feet of biker babe on her purple rain. Cheers to the early season kickoff and wrap up at the Road House. Nice spot for cool down post cycle nourishment.
    Biking is just plain fun with you all. xoxo – michele

  3. Ken F. says:

    We’ll plan on being along next week. I’ll start making offerings to the Weather Gods tomorrow.

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