MOOTS PSYCHLO-X — Titanium Cyclocross at its Finest


Cyclocross at the Alpenrose Dairy sure looks fun

I’ve been going to watch cyclocross at the Alpenrose Dairy on Wednesday evenings. It sure does look fun. It also looks tough. On Cycle Oregon, I occasionally see people my size and shape. I didn’t see a single one racing cyclocross. I’m sure one of the reasons for this is the way these guys jump back onto their bikes after running over the obstacles. Being light seems like a good idea.

My plan is to continue riding, working out and eating right throughout the winter and then spend the spring and summer training for Cycle Oregon 2010. If all goes according to plan, I’ll be ready to attack the 2010 cyclocross season with vigor. Even then, I’m already sure my chances of winning such a race — even at the beginner levels — are only slightly better than my chances of winning a stage in the Tour. However, it is possible to be competitive in the “awesomest bike ever” category from day one. Here’s where I know I can win (or at least place).

MOOTS PSYCHLO-X — Titanium Cyclocross Bike Porn at Its Finest

My quest to find the sweetest cyclocross bike ever ended before it even officially started. While visiting my pals at Cyclepath the other day, a beautiful titanium MOOTS caught my gaze. I’ve already concluded that a titanium cyclocross bike is the best (and really only) choice for me. This was among the sexiest Ti bikes I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen some beauties). It was bike-lust at its most extreme. When I got home I fired up the MOOTS Website and drooled a bit more. Then I checked out the MOOTS Rider’s Forum. These guys are fanatics. They make Harley fan’s seem passive in their devotion. So, that’s it. Let the yearning begin.

"Some day it will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine"

"Some day it will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine"

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