Watching the Tour at St. Honore

Even though I detest heat, July is one of my very favorite months. That’s because I love to watch the Tour de France. Fortunately, I live in a place where I’m not alone in this regard. It is no secret that Portland is one of the very best places to ride a bike. It is also a town where people get way into pro bike racing.

When it comes to watching the Tour in Portland (or Lake Oswego) one place comes to mind — St Honore. St. Honore is a bakery/cafe that serves pastries and other delectables that even a Frenchman would be proud to eat.  And every day in July, both St. Honore locations open early so customers can watch Le Tour.

The Portland location opens at 6:00 and the Lake Oswego location opens at 7:00. Thanks to the magic of digital video recording, they are able to show every stage from start to finnish. Cycling fans can be found every day in both locations. On the weekends (or days featuring major climbs) the crowd spills out onto the sidewalk.

If you want to enjoy the excitement of this great event with fellow tifosi, this place to be. But if you want to watch this great event and blog at the same time, you had best stay home. Apparently the owner is dead set against providing Wi-Fi access.

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