Why Not Televise Women’s Cycling Too?

Liz Hatch on the bike

Liz Hatch on the bike

July is my favorite month. While I detest riding in the heat, I absolutely love watching the Tour de France. I was super-psyched when Universal Sports started showing daily coverage of the Giro and I’ve got my fingers crossed that the Tour of Spain will also be televised later this month.

I'll take Liz over Fabulous Fabiann any day

I'll take Liz over Fabulous Fabian any day

In an age when more and more cycling events are being covered, I’m beginning to wonder why we aren’t seeing much Women’s cycling. I, for one, would like to for a number of fairly obvious reasons.

First and foremost, it is only right to give female athletes the chance to earn some fame and additional sponsorship money. Beyond that, I’d rather look at a Lycra-clad woman like Liz Hatch in stunning high definition than a 6’1″ 148 pound dude (or, for that matter, any dude — including the oh-so-dreamy Fabian Cancellara).

Who wouldn't want to see her on TV?

Who wouldn't want to see her on TV?

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this regard. I’m certain that the guys that run the Chicks and Bikes blog would agree with me that a beautiful woman is a fantastic compliment to the functional work of art that is bicycle.

And beyond lecherous men, I’m thinking that female cyclists would also get behind this kind of programming too. I realize cycling still isn’t a hugely popular sport in this country, but what better way to help it gain in popularity than to mix the coverage up a bit?

Who’s with me?

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  1. Cole McLester says:

    I’m with you, women would add some elegance to the sport.

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